About Us

About Us

Mister Leak has been helping homeowners for over a decade finding those pesky hidden leaks. Seeping plumbing fixtures cost individuals gallons of water each year, plus it adds to the water bills and damages property. Nonetheless, we are there to sure-shot help you get rid of this unnecessary strain. Every year, we help thousands of people with plumbing leak detection in a speedy and cost effective manner along with the highest levels of professionalism.

Mister Leak is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and Certified by LeakTronics Institute of Leak Detection and has upheld quality water leakage repair services for over 10 years.

For our professional technicians and modern range of equipment, no leak is too difficult a task to locate or to fix. Mister Leak ensures a quick resolution that is both cost and time effective, and will cause minimal disruption to your property. We get you back to your daily routine in a jiffy, as if there was no problem at all.

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Mister Leak

We provide 24/7 emergency response with assured less than 60 minutes’ dispatch. So, if you have any kind of water leakage at home.

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